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Software decoding will enable Iran to build US drone
April 23, 2012
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DUBAI – Iran’s armed forces has started work to build replica of US surveillance drone caught previous year after decoding the software.
General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, head of the Revolutionary Guards aerospace division, said engineers are initially deriving data from the picket aircraft which was descended in December near Afghan border. Washington negates the shooting down of drone and claims that Iran will get valuable information from that unmanned aircraft. Hajizadeh said, “The Americans should be aware to what extent we have infiltrated the plane, our experts have full understanding of its components and programs.” The RQ-170 Sentinel has been used in Pakistan and Afghanistan since 2010 and played a significant role in the murder of Osama bin Laden. Iran claims that China and Russia have shown keen interest about the disclosure of the information contained in the craft. The loss of the drone feared US that the modern technology reached in the hands of developing countries who may build their own unmanned craft.

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