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Reminder: Rs.15,000 Prize Bond Draw Today:
July 02, 2010
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State Bank of Pakistan
HYDERABAD: If you are looking for upcoming Prize Bond Results of Rs:15,000 which are to be drawn on July 2, 2010 (Today), then please watch that facilitates you by providing both previous and next coming prize bond results with accuracy.

Authenticity is the top most priority of our site “” and we always try our level best to ensure credibility at the best possible level.

Next Draw in Hyderabad City: The draw on 2nd July is in ‘Hyderabad City’. The denomination for this draw is Rs:15,000. Following are the services regarding this section, we provide to facilitate our users;

Complete Schedule of Prize Bond Draws in 2010: Our respected users can have the details about all the prize bond draws in the Calender Year 2010. The details including;
1- Denomination of the Prize Bonds,
2- Date & Day of the Draw,
3- City in which the Prize Bond Draw will be held, and
4- Status of Prize Bond Results.

User Friendly Search: Yes, it is absolutely true that the ‘Search’ in this section is really user friendly, as we have mentioned above that our top priority is to facilitate our users who trust upon the credibility and accuracy of our site. The search is like;
Step 1- Search by Prize Bond No: That means you can simply put your Prize Bond No. and the results will be in front of you in just a blink of eye.
Step 2- Multiple Prize Bond Search: It means that if you are having multiple prize bonds, then u can enter the no. of your 1st prize bond to the last one you are having. For Example;
Your Prize Bonds numbers are from 000150 to 000155, then enter the complete series and you will have the result if anyone of your prize bonds is with good news for you.
Step 3- Denomination Search: Just put the price range of your Prize Bond and have the results in a second or two.

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